We did it!!

We finally completed our ride and are still collecting donations for the charities, we have just under £7,000 at the moment.

A few facts and figures for you:-

Total miles covered by all vehicles    =   over 18000 miles

Accidents                                              =   None

Breakdowns                                          =   None

Speeding Tickets                                   =   None

Punctures                                               =   One

Campsites                                              =    Twelve

New bike tyres required                       =    eight

New chain and sprockets                    =   One set

See our BLOG for details and pictures of the trip.

The trip was extremely tiring but excellent to do, keep an eye out for our next one in 2012!!

You can still donate, follow the links below:-


Cancer Research UK  - Donate Here

We are looking to raise over £10,000 for Cancer Research UK who are the worlds leading organisation dedicated to cancer research.


Oakhaven Hospice  -  Donate Here

We are also looking to raise over £10,000 for Oakhaven Hospice, who are a Lymington based organisation that provides specialist palliative care and support to those facing life-limiting illness and their loved ones in both a home and hospice setting. Their team of specialist Oakhaven nurses, doctors, counsellors and physiotherapistease physical symptoms and offer psychological, spiritual and social support.


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Our challenge was to circumnavigate the UK, staying close to the coastline, stopping at many coastal towns and villages along the way.  The trip was 3500miles in total, over 14 days, including one day stuck in Scotland due to bad weather.


Check out our Challenge page for details about our route


Thank you for your support.


Lee, Darren, Colin, Iain, Ben and Natalie