Posted by Natalie Marsh on Friday, July 2, 2010
Well last night we saw the most amazing sunset, it completely filled the sky.  I hope this picture does it justice!  During the night we had extremely heavy rain, but this morning it is windy, but the sun is shining.  We travelled up through Wick and by lunchtime we had made it to John O'Groats!  Its amazing to think that we are already at the top, but the longest part of the journey is still to come.  Couldn't get away with it any more, so Wendy Ice and I had our photo taken with Godfrey as well.  I suppose we couldn't let the boys have all the limelight!  The roads up here are amazing and the views are breathtaking.  We are working our way along the top of Scotland this afternoon and will see where we end up.  Bye for now.