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Posted by Natalie Marsh on Monday, May 24, 2010

Haven't updated this in a while so there is quite a lot to say.

Well, we have had 2 successful weekends, the first one being at Beaulieu's MotorMart Autojumble where we had a stand and although we didn't raise as much as we had hoped it helped us to get 'our name out'.

The second weekend was the one just gone, where we had a practise run! This consisted of Myself and my mum driving the truck, and Lee, Colin, Ben and Iain riding their bikes to Fowey, Cornwall meeting at Paignton on the way. The boys stopped at almost every seaside down along the way and had a really good run. Mum and I also had some fun trying to put the tents up and getting sunburnt in the process! In the evening we all walked to the local pub (1 mile away, down a steep hill) and had a really good meal. Even making a donation in the process! Walking back to the camp site was interesting seeing as we were all exhausted and had to walk back up the really steep hill! 
After a nights sleep (I won't say that it was a good nights sleep) we all felt refreshed and ready for another days driving. We drove together for about an hour and a half looking for breakfast, but we eventually gave up and went our different routes home. 
The practise run is really going to help us to prepare for the actual trip pointing out things that we need to improve on and things that went really well and would work excellently on the trip.

I will update the blog when there is some more progress.

Don't forget to visit us in Lymington High Street on Saturday 29th May.